3 Fabulous Ways Pinup Dresses Change You

Most of us know and appreciate the value of dress-up. In theater, people play with costumes. In films, wardrobes are carefully picked to accentuate the darkness of a character with an all-black ensemble, whether a vampire or a caped-crusader. But in real life, most people pick clothes that hide who they are, that undercut or undermine their personality in some way. That’s usually out of concern for what others might think. Dita Von Teese, the retro fashion icon and burlesque queen, says, “I found that dressing in a unique way made me feel less ordinary and more glamorous.”
What if you could do what you wanted, be what you wanted? Here are 3 ways pinup dresses let you do that:

It’s often the fantasy we respond to. A pinup dress lets you feel glamorous. It strips you of the you who’s tired and exhausted from work. It lets you shed that safe-for-work image you’ve always worn for the benefit of the world, the one you use for blending in. Sliding into a pinup up dress makes you feel special in a way that shirts or jeans just can’t do.

With a pinup dress, you can feel as sexy, feminine and beautiful as you want. It celebrates who you are in a real and unapologetic way. That might be hard to reconcile for some, given that playing with pinup is about putting on make-up and the fake eyelashes, about using artifice. For others, though, it’s a way to reinvent the self, of using make-up, accessories and clothes to get the version of yourself out there, the one that hides in the closet. That rarely gets a chance to go outside and play. Because these days, given how busy our lives are, it’s so rare to find a moment when you can be yourself without worrying about what other people might think about the real you.

Most of us believe that when we look our best, we can do anything. We can take on the world. And that’s another advantage of wearing a pinup dress. Because the more wonderful you see yourself, the more you feel great, the more ready you are to walk outside your door and do what only you can do and do it confidently. With a pinup dress, you don’t just learn how to be comfortable in who you are: you also grow to love being in your own skin, being you.
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