3 Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Tools

Your tools are your livelihood. Protecting them and prolonging their life is an investment on your part and is common sense for any professional. Understanding how to do that? That much might not come so naturally.

Here’s a quick break-down of how to take care of your tools and keep them working better, longer, so you can do the same!

Invest in Quality Upfront

When you are willing to pay a little bit more and be selective when initially purchasing your tools, you ensure better quality and the long-lasting dependability that comes with it. Starrett tools and other top brands are some of the best choices for machining and construction professionals alike; talk to your local tool and equipment retailer about which brands are the best for the tools you need.

Clean Up After Yourself

Your tools are likely to encounter elements like water and oils during use that can cause rust or deterioration. They will also be used in the face of wood, metal and other materials that can splinter, produce dust and other particulate matter that can soil your tools. Cleaning your tools each time you use them will ensure they will remain in like-new condition longer.

Store Properly

If your tools are not stored properly, you’re likely to encounter problems. Some of the issues that improper storage can cause include:

  • Lost or misplaced items. To have the tools you need when you need them, you’ve got to keep them in a central location that is accessible and safe for storage.
  • Items damaged by elements such as water or by chemical exposure when not kept safe from these materials between uses.
  • Missed maintenance of machinery, items that need to be cleaned, oiled or sealed and other regular inspection of tools.

For more information on how to store your tools properly, consult the manufacturer’s literature or talk to your local retailer. Taking care of your tools is just one of the many things you do every day to keep your business running smoothly. Don’t let it be harder than it needs to be; clean, store and maintain properly, and you’ll be outing those tools to work for many years!

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