5 Things to Do When You Buy a Lobster Online

Whether you have a birthday party coming up or a grand reunion of family and friends, putting lobsters on the table is a winning move. Here’s how you can get your hands on plenty of these delectable lobsters.

Order online

If you’ve got a tight schedule and barely enough time to swing by the market, you could buy lobsters online from the Boston area with ease. You won’t have to mess up your schedule by going to the market physically. You can put in an order and get them delivered straight to your door.

Pick a type

Before you buy, though, you’ll need to choose which lobster you need: regular, medium or large. With so much variety, making up your mind is the hardest part of making your online purchase.

Look for long antennae

You’ll want to ask the online sellers that you’d like lobsters with long antennae. If you get ones where the antennae have been nibbled down to the base that means the lobsters have been in a holding tank for quite a while now. Since lobsters start feeding on their own fat storage when they’re out of the water and can’t feed, that could affect the taste of the lobsters you’re buying.

Watch the seasons

It’s much more affordable to buy a lobster online from Boston or Maine mid-year. That means June to September or October. You might want to make sure you schedule your events around these times. If that isn’t possible, however, be ready to spend more when you put lobsters on the menu for that birthday party or reunion.

Be ready

Know what you’ll do once the lobsters get to your door. You might want to steam the lobsters, too, instead of boiling them. This can result in a sweeter and more flavorful taste.

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