A Gas Fireplace Insert: Options And Benefits

There is something compelling about a fireplace. We are drawn to the flames and the heat it expels. Yet, not all experiences with fireplaces have been fulfilling ones. In the past, a gas fireplace was more decorative than functional. Today, a gas fireplace insert can be both.

Gas Fireplace Insert – Options

There are two specific categories of gas fireplace inserts. These are:

1. Vented: This includes a direct vent (DV) and top vent (B-vent) models. The former type is perfect for use in retrofits. Their flue system has been designed to utilize an existing chimney. However, top vent inserts may be directly vented through an exterior wall making them adaptable but sometimes less efficient
2. Vent free: This category of gas fireplace insert does not need exterior venting system or a chimney. It can be placed in an existing fireplace or be placed as a free standing one.

You can also consider whether you want ones with brightly glowing burners or those that appear to have smoldering coals. They usually feature ceramic logs to complete the picture, but you can choose an interior that displays flames that flicker among a variety of surfaces such as coals, smooth and colorful river stones or even realistic charcoal briquettes.

The type of insert you choose will depend on several factors relating to your current home and space. While you may be driven to select a model based on its color or compatible style, these should not be the determining factors. With this in mind, you might want to bring in a picture of the space intended for the gas fireplace insert to the retailers and installers. This will provide them with some necessary information on what type may function best. Always be sure to talk to professionals and heed their expert advice before you make a decision on type.

Benefits of a Modern Gas Fireplace Insert

People rave about their gas fireplace insert. They do so with more than a little justification. These fireplaces offer many benefits. Among the most prominent ones are:

 * Easiest type of insert to use
 * Very simple to operate – You simply flick a switch or press the right button on a remote to turn on or off and control the amount of heat
 * Is very low maintenance
 * Excellent for zone heating
 * Less expensive than renovating your home to put in a new fireplace
 * Energy efficient – Therefore helping you save money while addressing your energy-conscious lifestyle
 * Dispersing fewer pollutants than traditional wood burning fireplace

Your Gas Fireplace Insert

If you are looking for energy efficiency and the psychological and physical warmth that only a fireplace can bring, it is possible. You can even add style and ease of use to your list. Yet, these are only some of the qualities that a gas fireplace insert can bring to your home.

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