A Scrap Gold Buyer in Rome Pays Cash for Jewelry and Coins

The American middle class is getting squeezed between rising prices and stagnating wages. Most of them are not able to save much money. When hit with a serious illness or job loss, they can’t live for more than a few months off of their savings. They then have to find ways to buy food and pay the rent. Often, they turn to a scrap gold buyer in Rome to turn their jewelry and collectibles into cash. People can find gold buyers in many locations. These include jewelry stores, pawn shops and scrap metal yards.

When they arrive at the facility, a skilled appraiser will evaluate the quality of their gold. This determines the cash value of the gold for each ounce. Then the appraiser will weigh it on a very accurate scale. The quality and weight determine the scrap metal value of the piece. Because the Scrap Gold Buyer in Rome has to make a profit, he won’t usually pay the full scrap metal price. One gold buyer may pay 50 percent of the scrap value while another one pays 80 percent. For a person who owns gold, it pays to have several gold buyers appraise their jewelry and offer a price.

Often places that sell jewelry or gold coins will pay a higher price. That’s because the retail value of a vintage gold bracelet or rare gold coin may be higher than the scrap metal value. The appraiser will be most interested in gold jewelry or watches that were designed by famous jewelry designers. Vintage or antique pieces by Tiffany or Cartier would be very valuable. Newer designers such as David Yurman or Kenneth Jay Lane are also very popular.

It can be very hard for a person to sell their jewelry or rare coins. Often these are gifts from special people or they are family heirlooms. A person might be embarrassed because they have to sell jewelry to pay their bills. They should know that there are many people in the same situation and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Gold buyers want repeat customers, and they keep all transactions confidential.

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