Adderall Abuse: Anxiety, Agitation and Other Side Effects

Adderall is commonly used to treat ADHD. But taking the drug for an extended period of time can lead to a few side effects. Some may feel edgy and restless. Some experience greater agitation and anxiety as a side-effect of Adderall use.

While the side effects disappear when the drug tapers off, monitoring these changes is useful as these can be a sign that the patient may be suffering from issues other than ADHD. Depression can be at play as well, the Woman’s Health says.

What does Adderall do?

Adderall is a stimulant. It has positive effects on a patient’s nervous system as it improves blood flow. As a result, patients report greater focus and calm. However, when abused, the stimulant can also lead to restlessness, agitation or anxiety as a side-effect of Adderall use.

What are the other side effects?

Aside from anxiety, patients may also suffer from insomnia, changes in their appetite, panic attacks, depression, phobias, suicidal thoughts, and more. When they stop taking the drug, patients will also experience Adderall withdrawal.

How to deal with withdrawal?

The symptoms can last from a few days to several weeks. And while maintaining a regular schedule can help ease the symptoms of withdrawal, this doesn’t entirely mean that waiting out the systems is the best option for patients. One way to treat the crash or withdrawal is through supplements like ADDBack.

What happens with ADDBack?

ADDBack is designed to counter the side effects of Adderall. Patients can be treated with Adderall for hyperactive disorders without fearing that prolonged use of the stimulant could lead to unpleasant side effects. With a supplement that can reduce the symptoms of the withdrawal, undergoing the process should be a lot easier for patients.

Stimulants can be addictive. Patients must talk to a doctor before they use Adderall to get the proper dosage.

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