Advice for the Newbies First Trip to the Wine Shop

The world of wine can be an intimidating and confusing one -; especially to those uneducated in the ways of wine and wine vocabulary. For some, combing the aisles of a Wine Shop to make the appropriate purchase is sometimes fraught with terror. The first step in making an appropriate or good wine purchase is for the buyer to know what they prefer. It doesn’t matter one bit if the wine store personnel picks out the best Pinot Noir available on today’s market if what they really prefer is a White Zinfandel.

Once the buyer determines their favorite type, for example, White Zinfandel -; it is time to go to the local Wine Shop and visit the section where the White Zinfandel varieties live. Then they can check out the price ranges and determine what their wallet can comfortably dish out for that bottle of fermented grapes. Read the description displayed on the wine racks and ignore any marketing material written by the winemaker -; which is designed to entice people to purchase the bottle. The best bet is any handwritten notes placed there by the wine store itself as their reputation is at risk in doing so.

The savvy buyer should describe to the wine store personnel the types of wines they’ve tried and what they are looking for. Perhaps something specific wine to accompany a prime rib or seafood dinner? Maybe something to enjoy around a roaring fire on a cold winter’s evening or to go with the cheese appetizer they have planned for a dinner party. The employees at have the knowledge and training of what each type of wine they carry tastes like. At the least, they will provide the buyer with three to four options in their price range to choose from.

Most importantly, the wine buyer should remember that it is not what the masses dictate but rather what they prefer and enjoy that makes the best choice. They should take note of what types or varieties of wine they like and keep them handy while traveling or dining out. In no time at all, the proprietor at their favorite wine store will be recommending wines for them to try when they walk through the door.



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