Armored Cable: Common Facts You Should Know

This is one type of cable that’s able to transmit data or conduct power in less than ideal conditions. When you need your cables safe and secure to ensure a reliable and problem-free operation, armored cables come and save the day for you.

Uses of Armored Cables
Given how well these cables fare in rough conditions, it’s no wonder that plenty of industrial applications often use armored cables. You’ll likely see them as a staple in many cable trays as well as raceways. And while armored cables can certainly be used for flexing applications, it’s not always an ideal solution since the connector cable often compromises the operation with a weak link. To keep this from being an issue, though, some resort to the use of a high-flex cable on the inside or discreet wires. That’s a solid workaround solution to the issue so you won’t have to go looking far and wide for looking for a way to get your armored cables to work for this application.

Types of Armored Cables
There are three basic types of armored cables. BX is the oldest existing type, says Wise Geek. Production for this cable started around World War II. However, BX cables had a major flaw: these cables were unfortunately prone to leaks. That made for a poor grounding system.

True armored cables, on the other hand, are similar to BX except they’re heavier. That explains, though, why it has a much better grounding system than BX. The internal insulation is also heavier to match the grounding system. It’s got better waterproofing properties as well.

Metal-clad or MC cables are the newest types of armored cable, which is why it’s the current choice for many commercial as well as industrial structures. It’s got better waterproofing qualities and uses a grounding system that’s a whole lot different from the BX.

BX cables are generally encased in a metal sheath, which works great when the cables go underground and are covered up. Not so much though, if they’re exposed. MC cables, though, contain a grounding wire that’s right inside the wire bundle. This allows users to build a ground in whatever spot they choose, so they work well whether they’re covered or not. That makes them the safer choice over BX cables.

Armored cables fulfill a variety of uses for different applications. To ensure smooth and hassle-free operations, make sure you get these cables from trusted brands and sources if you want your cables to perform better and last longer.

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