Benefits of Hand Dryers

The majority of business owners do not completely add up all of the benefits which a hand dryer brings to the table. There isn’t any question that a hand dryer absolutely saves money and pays for itself in a matter of months. As a matter of fact, hand dryers may save many thousands of dollars per year over paper towel expenses and, on average, last 7 to 10 years. Therefore, what is stopping companies from abandoning paper towels altogether?

There’s a misconception that every hand dryer takes too long to dry hands, and new dryers are too loud. That’s the furthest from the truth as newer technology evolved, and makes dry times as quick as ten seconds, in addition to quieter solutions being made as technology evolves.

Facility managers and business owners oftentimes are concerned with reliability and durability. The truth is, on average, hand dryers are going to last 7 to 10 years.

The most debated controversy is hygiene. The paper businesses have funded a number of biased studies in which older hand dryers get compared to paper towels. These days there’s technology which just cannot be debated as it’ll come to hand dryers versus paper towels in regard to sanitation and hygiene. HEPA filters on certain units will eliminate 99.97 percent of bacteria from the air prior to the air being blown onto the hands, and make the air utilized to dry your hands cleaner than air inside the actual bathroom. It is likely additional hand dryer technology is going to emerge which renders the paper towel hygiene controversy as null.

With all the new technology available today and the concise reasons to move away from towels and into dryers, the paper industry slowly is falling away, and for good reason. It is time to begin to consider the environment and save trees.

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