Choosing The Right Generator For Your Home

The power grid in the US is under pressure, people can expect power outages to happen more often and last longer. If you do not have a standby generator you can face sitting in the dark for hours on end without air conditioning and putting hundreds of dollars of frozen food at risk of spoiling.

Knowing that power outages do occur and will continue to occur is enough to encourage homeowners to invest in generators in Chicago. There are small, portable units readily available that are ideal for powering a few lights and the refrigerator. There are also large standby units that start automatically and are powerful enough to allow every electrical operated device in your house to run for hours on end.

Portable generators:

Portable generators are very basic and free of features. You store it in the garage, pull it out when there is a power outage then feed a few appliances direct via extension cords. They are not expensive and there is no need for professional installation.

The downside of portable generators in Chicago is the fact that the number of appliances you can power is limited and they have to be powered through a direct extension cord.

Standby generators:

Standby generators in Chicago are far superior to portable units, they are mounted outside, the moment there is a power outage you don’t have to act, the generator automatically starts and connects to your home electrical system through a transfer switch.

Most standby generators are sized to deal with the power needs of the entire house, every appliance, every light and even the central air conditioning. As they run on natural gas or propane, there is no concern about deadly fumes from a gasoline engine nor are there any extension cords.

Although standby generators in Chicago are more expensive, the greatest majority of homeowners are of the opinion that the benefits far outweigh the onetime cost.

Standby generators in Chicago can comfortably power everything in your home and they take no homeowner involvement in the event of a power failure; they are fully automated. To discuss the Generac range of generators you are invited to contact

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