Copper Vs Stainless Steel Pot Still: Which One Should You Get?

When it comes to choosing a still, there’s a lot of debate whether to go for a copper or steel one. Here are some pros and cons to using either material:


Stainless steel is very durable. But so is copper. So both are a good choice if you want something sturdy and longer lasting for your stills. You wouldn’t want to have to keep shelling money for a new one much too often, after all.

Heat conductor

Stainless steel isn’t a very good conductor of heat. That’s one of the main disadvantages to opting for this material. However, copper is an excellent conductor of heat. So if you want better heat conduction for your moonshine making experiments, you’d want to go for a copper pot still for sale, says Mile Hi Distilling.

Removes sulfur compounds

Stainless steel does a bad job of removing sulfur compounds from the wash. On the other hand, copper easily gets this done so if you want better and safer results with your homebrew making, going for a copper pot still for sale should be high up on your to-do list.


Considering the many advantages you get from copper over steel, it makes sense that copper will set you back a whole lot more than stainless steel. However, if you consider the benefits you get, it’s a fair tradeoff. If you want your home brews to improve in quality and taste, then you have no other option but to go for the copper still.

Easy cleaning

As a metal, it’s easy to work with copper. However, when it comes to cleaning it out, you’re going to have a tough job ahead. Stainless steel wins in this case since it’s easy to clean.

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