Designing Custom Wallpaper: One Step Closer to Your Dream Home

Designing Custom Wallpaper: One Step Closer to Your Dream Home

So it’s time for you to deck out your room in some spanking, new wallpaper. You’ve fretted over colors and patterns, and you’ve agonized over your décor. Perhaps you have a specific vision in mind for your wallpaper, but you can’t find anything on the market that’s similar to your concept.

Never fear. If you’ve got an idea for how you want your wallpaper to look, you can opt for custom wallpaper. And Wolf-Gordon is here to help you conceptualize your concept.

The Basics

The first thing you’ll want to do is sketch out your ideas. Be sure to keep the design of your room in mind and keep color samples on hand as you sketch out your custom wallpaper. Reference can be especially helpful when it comes to having other people help make your custom wallpaper designs a reality.

Once you sketch out your ideas and you’ve put together the references you feel you’ll need to get your point across, it’s time to meet with the Wolf-Gordon Customs labs team.

Make sure you also provide the WG Customs Lab team with information about the rest of the room’s theme. This can provide the WG Customs Lab with valuable insight when it comes to refining your sketches and actually conceptualize your wallpaper.

Within two to five days of submitting your sketch, the Wolf-Gordon Customs Lab team will send back a CAD, or computer assisted design. This will give you a projection of how the pattern will look in your room.

If you’re happy with the CAD, you and the WG Customs Lab will work together to provide you with an Approvals Kit, or strike-off. This, for custom wallpaper, is basically a sample of your wallpaper, complete with the desired emboss and material.

Be sure to provide feedback when necessary. This is your custom wallpaper, after all, and it’s important that the final result is something you’re happy with. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re having issues with the design’s color or you feel something would work better in its design.

Once you approve of the final design, your custom wallpaper can be produced in the requested yardage, and you’ll be able to sign for its delivery.

Why Custom Wallpaper?

Well, why should you consider going for custom wallpaper?

Perhaps you’ve got a unique design that would work very well with the rest of the room’s décor. Or perhaps nothing else on the market works with the mood and style you’re trying to create in your room.

While it can be a lengthy process, designing and conceptualizing custom wallpaper with Wolf-Gordon’s help can ultimately be a very satisfying process. After all, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind wallpaper and a unique look for your room that’s absolutely perfect for the theme you’re trying to create.

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