Document Shredding: A Vital Component Of Personal and Corporate Security

Businesses deal with veritable mountains of documents which must be kept confidential. The information on those documents is the key to personal data on clients, associated businesses, the company’s own operations and personnel, and certain secrets which must not fall into the wrong hands. A business and its clients and associates can find themselves compromised if documentation is not only kept secure, but disposed of securely when the time comes to purge records. Careless disposal of paper records can leave a business vulnerable to data theft, endanger the financial security of clients, and leave the company liable for damages arising from mishandling of confidential records. For these reasons, Document Shredding at regular intervals remains a vital component of corporate security.

Professional Document Shredding services bring mobile shredding trucks out to offices within the metropolitan area and can handle the complete and secure destruction of all manner of paper records in any quantity. If your office generates only a small amount of paper records, they can be brought to the offices of the shredding service for disposal. A complete log of all material collected for disposal is compiled and provided to the customer. And in all instances, certified proof of destruction is provided as evidence not only for the official record but as protection in the event of any kind of legal inquiry or proceeding.

Some business owners might argue that they have or can obtain their own shredders, and that is perfectly true. But sometimes, office management can get a little sloppy when it comes to document security for a myriad of reasons. That spells vulnerability to data theft if a few documents or files accidentally get thrown out in the regular trash. Sometimes, regular disposal schedules might not be kept up in the office and sensitive material will pile up, increasing the chances of insecure disposal. But using a professional shredding service which visits on schedule markedly reduces the chances of an accidental compromise of confidential information through improper handling.

There are a number of plans available to fit the needs of any business large or small, with price ranges suitable to the particular corporate situation. The price of not engaging a professional disposal service for classified information can be considerably higher both in terms of legal liability and the destruction of the company’s reputation. For more information, visit

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