Enjoying Maine Lobster – On Vacation or At Home

Maine has become the go-to source for fresh, top-quality lobster. Wondering why? Here are just a few of the reasons why this little northern state has achieved such a big reputation for superior seafood:

Straight from the Source

The location of Maine makes for the freshest seafood you can get almost anywhere. Many of Maine’s most popular seafood restaurants pull their catch straight from the sea daily, serving it to satisfied customers within hours of catching it. You can’t get that kind of freshness anywhere else.

Experience Matters

Chefs and restaurateurs in Maine have been serving up delicious lobster dishes for generations. That experience translates to the quality of their dishes, created with the best combinations of flavors to enhance the natural sweetness of lobster and bring out the savory goodness that only a Maine native knows how to deliver. When you want the best in lobster creations, take your pick of Maine’s many lobster houses!

Lobster, Delivered

If you think the only way to get top-quality Maine lobster is to plan a trip to New England, you’re wrong. Seafood delivery has been a popular service for years, and with the recent wave of companies popping up to deliver meal ingredients and instructions straight to the home of hungry diners all over the world, it’s easier than ever to get fresh Maine lobster shipped right to your door.

Contact one of many popular seafood delivery services and enjoy the taste of the coast delivered right to your door. When you order fresh Maine lobster shipped, you can trust that it will be packed and handled with the kind of care the ensures delicious dinners, every time. Whether you live within sight of the beach or many miles inland, you’ll love how fresh Maine lobster can taste on your plate!

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