Essential Diving Supplies Include Test Equipment, Suits and Harnesses

Essential Diving Supplies Include Test Equipment, Suits and Harnesses

The quality of your equipment will essentially dictate the quality of your diving experience. This is why choosing diving supplies made by reputable manufacturers is wise. This article goes over some critical supplies for diving, including test equipment, suits and harnesses.

Test Equipment
One type of inspection equipment that professional divers often use is an ultrasonic thickness gauge used underwater. This equipment is particularly helpful for divers who are performing sub sea surveys and features an LED display so that it can easily be utilized even in poor-visibility situations. There is also an echo strength indicator that will help with measurement. Some models additionally have the ability to transfer information digitally through an umbilical cable to the water’s surface from the underwater gauge.

Choosing the right suit is also important before embarking on a diving trip. A quality commercial diving suit is heavy-duty so that it can withstand even the harshest of environments. The suit should also have external seams that are vulcanized for security purposes, be easy to repair as needed and be easy to clean if you end up diving in a contaminated area. Durable suits are made from materials such as synthetic rubbers—neoprene, for example—and natural rubbers. You may also wish to look for suits that offer a neck seal for warmth.

A harness is also important in commercial and sports diving. An important feature of these devices is that they are easy to put on and remove. Look for harnesses that allow your body and neck to be supported by seat webbing, a helmet net and bridle straps. A particular type of harness is created for bell use, with a diving bell referring to a chamber that is used to take divers to deep parts of the ocean. Using this harness, an unconscious or limp diver can easily be pulled into a diving bell head first. A backpack harness is another type of harness that is useful for attaching a gas supply for emergencies. A provider of top-quality diving supplies will offer harnesses that are comfortable to wear and meet your specific diving needs long-term.

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