Finding a New Church – How Your Community Can Help

When you’ve moved or left your previous home church for any other reason, you may need a break from fellowship for a while. When you’re ready to get back into the mix of things, though, it can be difficult to reconnect and relocate places of worship – especially if you’re in a whole new town. Here are a few ways your community can help you find a new place to call your church home.

Community Directories

If you’re new in town, look for tourist information and travel centers. While this may seem an odd step in finding a new church, these places are often filled with useful information jot only for temporary visitors, but also new residents, as well. When you’re looking for Detroit churches or synagogues, a Detroit tourist brochure is likely to be helpful.

Ask the Locals

If you are part of any kind of community group, ask other members where they attend church services. Most people will be happy to tell you, and may even offer an invitation for you to join!

Rely on Your Kids’ School

If your child attends a religious or private school, this can be an excellent way to find a new church. Ask the other parents and families at your child’s Catholic school which area Catholic church they attend. More than likely, they’ll be happy to invite you along.

Use Your Internet Connection

The Internet is a great way to get plugged in to local happenings, and that include the church-going scene. If you’re new, put out feelers in social media in your new town for recommendations or invitations to local services. If you don’t know many folks in your new location, just search for terms like “Detroit churches” on Google or other engines and browse results. This is one way to church shop from the comfort of home.

Whatever route you choose to find your new church home, remember to keep God first in your focus He will lead you where you and your family are meant to be. Follow His lead, and you’ll find the perfect new place of worship!

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