Finding a Trike That Best Fits You

There’s definitely not a shortage of options to choose from when it comes to trikes. First, you’ll want to narrow down the purpose of the trike you’re interested in. Select from a brand and model that will make a trike specific to what you plan on using it for. Recreational trikes for riders wishing to have extra stability are the most common and basic for everyday transportation. A recumbent trike is a reclined chair as opposed to an upright frame. Industrial trikes are great for carrying large items and transportation during work situations. There are motorized trikes available for senior citizens who could use the extra assistance. Trikes that give alternative options for special needs. There’s even vending tricycles that have insulated boxes for a fun way to sell ice cream.

Setting a Budget Based on Your Interest

There are many great deals offered but if you’re only looking for a few features on a trike, set your budget lower. If it’s for riding around the neighborhood or transportation to work, extra features are not necessary. If it’s for exercise, you could probably rule out a motorized trike, since motorized trikes offer help to those who can’t pedal as much. If your commute requires inclines then look into trikes that offer more than one speed. Some trikes offer only a single-brake, if that’s not something you feel safe with then check into trikes with multi-brakes. Most trikes have a lower frame, a feature that makes it very easy for the rider to get on and off. If you plan on carrying items, check out trikes with a box, platform, or basket. Selecting one that fits your size is one of the most important things when looking to buy an adult trike. A lot of trikes can be used by male or female. There’s even a trike that will hold up to 600 pounds. Some are easily folded up and convenient to store in a garage or a large vehicle. In any case, an adult trike is a fun and safe mode of transportation.

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