Four Ways to Implement Home Safety and Fall Prevention

Keeping all members of the family safe should be a priority in every household. This includes elderly family members who may have a hard time performing daily tasks that seem simple for younger generations. By implementing methods for HOME SAFETY and fall prevention, even those who struggle can have a safer, healthier living environment.

Add a Walk-In Bath or Shower
Rather than having to step over the side of the tub and possibly tripping, it is better to have a walk-in shower or bath. Individuals simply have to open the door and walk right in, without fearing they may bump the side and fall.

Install Multiple Grab Bars
Throughout areas of the home, grab bars can be installed. This provides those who struggle to get up on their own with something to pull themselves up with. Grab bars are typically added to the bathroom. One can be placed near the toilet, and a couple more can be installed in the shower at different heights, so people can get up no matter what height they are sitting at.

Change the Shower Head
Most showers have a fixed shower head that stays in place. This can be changed to a hose type shower head that can come off the wall. With this option, people do not have to be standing to take a shower. The shower head can be adjusted down and held to ensure the water gets everywhere it needs to go. Even while sitting on a chair, individuals can still have access to the water they need.

Elevate the Toilet
Many toilets sit low to the ground. This is difficult for some to manage, as they have to bend down a great deal to make it to the seat. By elevating the toilet, there will be less of a bend to make it on the seat. It will be easier for elderly members of the house to accomplish.

HOME SAFETY and FALL PREVENTION are two extremely important components for ensuring a healthy environment for elderly members of a household. By implementing these four methods, all members of the family will have a safe atmosphere to live. Those looking to add these devices and elements to their home can visit to see the selection of items they have available.

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