Gourmet Flavored Popcorn: A Brief History

Gourmet Flavored Popcorn: A Brief History

Today, gourmet flavored popcorn in Orlando and elsewhere through the United States is not a novelty. In fact, throughout North America, popcorn is now available in an astounding assortment of flavors. Gourmet flavored popcorn is found in malls and specialty stores like the Park Avenue Popcorn Shoppe. You can even purchase it online from a number of reputable and delicious retailers. They are willing to sell you any flavor you could possibly imagine – and then a few more.

The Early Years

Popcorn has been around for thousands of years. It was a popular food in both North and South America. The Aztecs, the Hurons and the Iroquois all were aware of it and used it. Some of the early Natives had their own version of gourmet flavored popcorn. They preferred it with salt and herbs. Pioneers added sugar and cream, making it a rather unique breakfast food.

Yet, the first gourmet popcorn did not actually appear for mass consumption until 1896. In that year, two entrepreneurs, F.W. and Louis Rueckheim, invented what was the first caramel corn for the Columbian World’s Fair held in Chicago. The heavy and sticky taste was not popular. The formula was altered and caramel corn marketed as Cracker Jacks was born.

In the 1950s, a new gourmet flavored popcorn appeared quietly on the scene. This was a Canadian product. It was Lucky Elephant Popcorn. It was popcorn heavily coated with a pink candy like substance. Like Cracker Jacks, it is still available today. Yet, until the past decade, these two brands were the most commonly available types of flavored popcorn. Today, they are no longer considered gourmet.

Today’s Gourmet Flavored Popcorn

Today, whether you go to the movies or walk along the Boardwalk in cities like Orlando, you can smell the sweet odor of popcorn. Yet, this version is unlike any our ancestors had even dreamed about. These are popcorn that appeals to almost any taste. They may be simply buttered or caramel. They also come in cheese flavored, chocolate-covered, spicy and exotic or even “weird” flavors. Whatever your taste buds like, Orlando gourmet flavored popcorn by Park Avenue Popcorn Shoppe and throughout American malls, theatres and online outlets run by Park Avenue Popcorn Shoppe and similar companies can satisfy.

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