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Kisumu is one of the fastest growing cities in Kenya and is showing a grand resurgence. Kisumu is one of Kenya’s oldest cities, originally serving as a trading post for many Africans and later for other countries as the British expanded their territory deep in Africa. While it has always enjoyed a modicum of success as a cosmopolitan hub thanks to its locale of the western border of Kenya, which happens to be along the largest lake in Africa, its popularity has taken an upsweep in the mid-1990s after recovering from the economic flailing that occurred when it gained its independence from British rule in the 1960s. Now is the time to take advantage of the great value offered for hotel rooms in Kisumu, while rates are still extremely low.

The greatest thing about renting hotel rooms in Kisumu is the price. There are very few places you can go and receive top luxury for less than $100 per night. Yet that is the unbelievable value you will receive at our hotel. Would you believe that our standard room rates for a single suite start at $50 per night? The suite comes with either a double bed or twin beds upon request. In addition, the amenities in the room include an LCD flat screen television and air conditioning to stave of the hot Kisumu climate. For the business traveler the room comes with a desk and an ergonomic chair. In-room coffee and tea service is available. Possibly the most important thing for the modern-day traveler is to stay connected, and we offer free WIFI connections while your with us.

Our double suites include all of the above-mentioned amenities, but instead of a double bed, a spacious king bed is inside the room, allowing you to luxuriate in total comfort. The rooms are also replete with a beautiful view of either Lake Victoria or the Kakamega Hills. These suites begin at a modest $80 per night. Though breakfast is not included in the hotel stay, for the value you are receiving, you can easily enjoy breakfast or dinner at our Terrace Restaurant and Bar, which features a daily breakfast buffet until 10am.

On top of all that is offered in terms of amenities, these hotel rooms in Kisumu offer an enticing ambience. Floor to ceiling flowing drapes of complimenting colors extends from the ceiling to the floor, allowing natural light to filter in without being glaringly bright. Each room also features a unique mural as a headboard. Join us for a stay that will keep you coming back. Visit Vittoria Suites.

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