Green Cleaning Services in the Triangle Area Offer Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Green Cleaning Services in the Triangle Area Offer Bathroom Cleaning Tips

When homeowners requisition green cleaning services in Triangle area neighborhoods, they often do so with the intent of streamlining their schedules and reducing their housekeeping time. One of the rooms that homeowners are averse to cleaning is the bathroom. In fact, according to one survey, approximately 63% of the respondents said they hated cleaning the bathroom more than any other room in the house.

Not a Favorite Chore

Therefore, green cleaning services in Triangle area residences includes deep cleaning of bathrooms so homeowners can pursue more pleasant activities. Housekeeping is not a chore that is high on the list of preferred tasks, as research shows that people would give up trips to the salon or to their favorite restaurant just so they could secure the services of a maid.

So, green cleaning services in Triangle area neighborhoods are appreciated by many people who own a home. When it comes to the bathroom then, it’s probably a good idea to take special note of any tips you can use to make bathroom cleaning more streamlined.

What is the Best Way to Clean a Shower Head?

Therefore, many homeowners who retain green cleaning services in Triangle communities often ask about the best way, for instance, to clean or unclog a shower head? Because many showerheads are not designed as low-flow heads, they tend to get clogged quickly.

A Simple Solution to a Long-standing Problem

To solve the problem, green cleaning services in Triangle areas suggest taking the shower head off and cleaning it off with a vinegar and hot water mix. This organic and green cleaning solution unclogs the calcium in the head and permits the free flow of water once again.

Some Additional Household Hints for the Bath

It’s also a good idea, according to professional cleaners, to keep a small vacuum in close proximity to the bath. That way you can keep up with your daily carpet or floor cleaning. By keeping the vacuum close at hand, you will be less likely to bypass the task. Also, make use of a small squeegee after you take your shower to reduce he development of water marks. Add some potpourri or a scented candle in the bath as well. Keep hair clogs at bay by using netting over the drain in the tub or sink.

Delegate Housekeeping and Streamline Your Schedule

Indeed, if you follow these tips for cleaning bathrooms offered by cleaning professionals, you will view cleaning the bathroom with less disdain. In the meantime, it is certainly good to know that you have access to housekeeping and deep cleaning services offered by professional maids. Make the most of your time and energy by aligning yourself with a local housekeeping company. Delegate some of the housekeeping to professionals in the field.

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