Helpful Tips for Working with Hydraulic Hoses in Chicago

Helpful Tips for Working with Hydraulic Hoses in Chicago

There is no question that Hydraulic Hoses in Chicago are an essential part of any hydraulic system. However, since they are generally made from plastic or rubber, they are typically much weaker than the other, metal components and the framework that are around them. In fact, the hoses are usually the first element that will have to be replaced in any hydraulic system. While this is a factor that cannot be changed, there are some steps that you can take to help and protect your hoses from excessive wear and tear and be sure that you are getting the best performance possible from them.

Know the Specs

The first thing that you have to do is to select the right hose for your machine. This means that you know the flow, pressure and temperature requirements of your system. You need to always be sure that the hose you use is rated for withstanding the normal conditions of operation, as well as the occurrence of spikes or surges in the conditions.

Limit Bending

A common mistake that is made by people when they are routing a hydraulic hose in close quarters is bending it past the minimum radius recommendation. When this occurs, the over bending can impact the pressure capacity of the hose, as well as its service life. In severe cases, the over bending of Hydraulic Hoses in Chicago can result in the failure of the coupling and the entire system to begin leaking.

Reduce Abrasion

Another enemy of hydraulic hoses is abrasion. If the hoses are allowed to rub against each other, or other parts of the hydraulic system, then they will definitely wear out much faster. You can limit abrasion of your hoses by purchasing hoses that are resistant to this or to by using clamps that will hold the hoses in place securely.

Even though they are small, the hydraulic hose is a crucial part of any hydraulic machine. Using the advice here, you can extend the life of your hydraulic hoses. For more information, or to find the hoses that you need, contact Miller Hydraulic Service Inc today.

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