How a Swimming Pool Ionizer Can Lower Your Reliance on Chlorine

When summer time comes around, you and your family head to the swimming pool. After a long winter of disuse, your pool might not be as clean as you’d like it to be. Your first reaction might be to pump the pool full of chlorine, or drop a few chlorine tablets into the pool each morning. However, in our experience, chlorine is not the way you want to go. It lingers on your skin, fades your swimsuits, and requires daily care. If it spills, it can harm the land around your yard. As for the smell, its distinctiveness is instantly recognizable, a harbinger of post-swim showers to come.

Tell That Smell Goodbye!

Clearwater Pool Systems can install a swimming pool ionizer that will charge up copper and silver ions and let them get to work killing all of nature’s little nasty pollutants that have been calling your pool a home. This is far more effective than utilizing chlorine and safer, too. As you might have gathered from the first paragraph, chlorine is not a friend to anything that spends time in your pool – and that includes you. There’s no real reason to fill your pool with dangerous toxins when a swimming pool ionizer can do far more than chlorine liquid or tablets to make your pool safe to swim in.

If you let us install a swimming pool ionizer, you will soon start to see the effects of letting a more natural scientific process work itself out. Bacteria and algae are susceptible to attack by chlorine, but viruses are a bit tougher. You need a way to slip past their defenses, and chlorine can’t do that. It doesn’t matter how much chlorine you use, and the more you put into your pool to try to kill any viruses, the less swimmable you’ll end up making your swimming pool. On the other hand, an ionizer courtesy of Clearwater Pool Systems can do the hard work of getting rid of those viruses.

The Less Chlorine, the Better

We think you should lower and, if at all possible, eliminate your reliance on chlorine each summer. Growing up, you might have grown used to the red eyes that came with swimming in a chlorine-cleaned pool, but nowadays we are much more health-conscious. You don’t need to get those red eyes any longer. What’s more, Clearwater Pool Systems believes that the swimming pool ionizer units we can provide you with are a far more environmentally friendly option than the traditional chlorine treatments on the market.

We want you to have the cleanest, safest pool possible for you and your family to enjoy each year. There’s no reason you can’t achieve this without the use – or overuse – of chemicals, and we look forward to helping you see how.

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