How Does a Reverse Osmosis System in Dallas TX Work?

Have you ever been to a home with a reverse osmosis system in Dallas TX and drank a glass of water? You may have noticed that it tastes refreshing and pure. Many homeowners have water-quality concerns, and Texas is one of the biggest polluters of water in the country. Therefore, you can expect to have some pretty nasty stuff in tap water. While some people prefer to buy bottled water at all times for brushing teeth, washing dishes, and drinking, it gets expensive quickly. Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water is pure and doesn’t require you to buy bottled water.

What it Is

Osmosis is the process of having molecules pass through semi-permeable membranes. It goes from a less-concentrated aspect to a more concentrated solution. Think about the root of plants getting water from the soil. Reverse osmosis is the opposite. The molecules go through a semi-permeable membrane and form less concentrated solutions. In a sense, the membrane is like a filter with tiny pores removing contaminants from your water. The goal is for the membrane to let molecules of water through without any other contaminants. These are collected and then flushed away.

Is it Right for You?

While there are many other factors to consider when choosing appropriate systems, most people wonder if it is the right system for their needs.

The goal is to have soft water because it works best for doing laundry, showering, and cleaning. However, while still safe to drink, soft water can taste differently because salt or sodium replaces all the hard minerals. Most water softeners don’t remove other contaminants from the water, either.

The RO system removes sodium and other contaminants, making it a filtration system and a water softener. You can enjoy clearer ice cubes, healthy water, and better-tasting tea or coffee. Visit PureElementsInc for more info.

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