How Gold Plating is Done

There might be times when you decide which it is a good idea to gold plate the metals which you are using. This is a great way to make sure the material is stronger and allows it to still be shiny and polished. Here are the instructions you should follow when gold plating any metal or material.

Things You Will Need for Gold Plating Yourself
There are a number of things which you will need for your gold platting project. Purchase a gold plating kit which should include a gold solution, a variable power supply, and a plating wand. Check the kits instructions for other items you may need; you may also need cups, cloth, tray, metal polish, a hot plate, and an activator. Having these set up ahead of time can really help to make the process go more smoothly.

Steps to Take in Gold Plating
* Set up – To start off with the gold plating, you can prepare the surface which you will be using. Then you can take a tray and place it on the surface so any run off ends up in the tray. Poor gold solution, distilled water and activator into different cups. Heat the liquids to the kits desired temperatures. Set up your variable power supply. Clean the item you want to plate.
* Plating – Connect the negative of your variable power supply to the item you want plated and the positive to a plating wand. Use the wand to evenly coat the surface of item with the activator. Then rinse the item off in distilled water. Then, with the same process used to apply the activator, coat the item with the gold solution. Do this several times until you have an even coating. Finally, rinse off the now gold plated item in distilled water.

Getting Gold Plating Done Professionally
Gold plating items yourself can be a fun project but may not be as cost effective if you are only plating a few items. For quality gold plating done professionally use General Metal Finishing. They operate to precise ASTM or military standards, and have a rigorous testing and quality control procedures. If you have any plating requirements they would be happy to discuss your options, and they price the job very competitively; Contact General Metal Finishing For Further Information regarding gold plating as well as their other services. They have the experience and expertise to fulfill the most demanding jobs, and are dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

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