How to Prevent Hard Water

How to Prevent Hard Water

Many homeowners suffer from hard water. It can damage your appliances, pipes, dishes and ruin your clothes. This damage is caused by lime, calcium, iron and other minerals found in your water. If you already know you have hard water, early prevention is the key. There are several things a homeowner can do to prevent hard water from damaging the house. Below is a list of four things you do to prevent hard water, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Magnetic Water Conditioners

A magnetic water conditioner can be permanently installed in your house. It will prevent hard water by breaking up the minerals before they start traveling through your pipes. Being permanently installed, it doesn’t require any maintenance by homeowners. The magnetic water conditioners only run when you have water flowing in your pipes. Because there are no chemical involved, it’s great for anyone who is environmentally conscious.

Salt Tanks

Salt tanks are ideal for anyone wanting to prevent hard water and on a budget. This kind of water softener works by running your water through a salt reservoir before it enters your pipes. Since it uses no electricity, salt tanks are ideal for homeowners who use a large amount of water. The only disadvantage to this system is it requires weekly or bi-weekly maintenance depending on how much water you use.

Water Softener Tablets

Water softener tablets are another budget friendly way to prevent hard water. These tablets don’t require any electricity. They are inexpensive and can be purchased at any home improvement or grocery store. Water softener tablets can only be used in water heaters manufactured after the 1980s, toilet tanks, and shower heads. Most tablets will last between two to four months depending on how much water you use. Water softener tablets do contain a slight amount of chemicals, so they aren’t for the eco-friendly consumers.

Electronic Descaling System

An electronic descaling system is a no hassle way to prevent hard water. Like the magnetic water conditioner, it requires no maintenance after it’s installed. This system works by sending electric pulses through your pipes which breaks down the minerals that cause hard water. The only time this system runs is when your water runs, so it saves on your electrical costs. The only down side to this preventative measure is the initial cost of the system and installation.

If you are unsure whether you have hard water or not, home improvement stores sell water-testing kits at little to no cost. Once you know whether or not you have hard water, there are simple preventative measures you can do to stop your problems. Picking one of these items listed above will extend the life of your appliances, pipes, dishes and clothes.

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