How to Use any Holiday to Promote Your Business

While you may believe that the only time you can send greeting cards to your customers is in the winter, this is simply not true. No matter if it is the Fourth of July or Valentine’s Day, every holiday presents a unique opportunity to remind your old and your new clients that they are on your mind.

However, if you are going to use this method, it is important that you do not blatantly advertise your brand or company when sending out a card created by Orange County Printers. If the person receiving the card gets the idea that you are simply using this holiday as an excuse for bombarding them with your advertising messages, they will begin to view you, and your company, as cheap and unprofessional. In order to avoid this, you should keep these tips in mind for your promotional holiday greetings.

Avoid Repeating Your Name

You should not keep repeating your business or brand name. This means, one time is enough. If you continue to repeat your brand or company name, then it will read like a commercial, rather than a greeting card.

Make it Personal

The only way that you will be able to successfully promote your brand or company with holiday cards is to personalize them for each recipient – this is the simple truth. Everyone loves to believe that they are the single receiver of this unique message, instead of just one of many on your mailing list. While this may not be possible if you have thousands of names, you should try to personalize at least a hundred and you will likely be quite surprised by the response that you get.

Create an Impressive Design

You should not simply select just any stock design that you can find for the holiday. Also, don’t choose the cheapest option for a bulk purchase. Instead, be willing to spend just a bit more on a glossy and quality card. After all, the point of sending a holiday card is to get a few new clients and encourage old ones to come back. Be sure that the card you send will be regarded as an actual holiday card, instead of simply junk mail.

When you get to the winter holidays, you should never name a specific holiday. This will ensure that the card you choose is able to appeal to a wide array of clients, no matter their personal beliefs or their background.

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