Items Needed for Cat Daycare in Everett

Cats are highly independent creatures. They tend to prefer to do their own thing rather than follow orders or come when called. While cats do have this need for independence, they still depend on their humans to meet their basic needs of food, shelter, water and a clean place to potty. Some cats also like to socialize with other cats. If you have a social cat that needs some attention or you are headed on vacation where the cats can’t come, a daycare can provide the means to care for them while away. These are some things to have on hand for the daycare.

An updated shot record is required for Cat Daycare in Everett. Different diseases can pass between animals. The immunization shots will help protect the pet from catching some of the common diseases. This is because the cats are in close contact with each other. This is required in many daycare facilities. An updated record can be obtained from the vet.

A favorite toy or comfort item can make the cat feel a little less anxious in their temporary home. Many cats don’t like to transition from their familiar surroundings and stay somewhere new. Comforts from home are familiar to the cat and can be used to help with the transition until it is time to go home.

Their favorite food can also be supplied to the cat daycare in Everett area Many cats are preferential eaters and will not adapt well to different food. If the cats have their favorite food and treats on hand, this will help them adapt to the new environment. If the cats do have an allergy to a specific type of food, make sure that this is fully disclosed and alternatives are provided. Special instructions for feeding may also be included if the cat has a specific ritual that it associates with feeding time.

Cats may not adapt as well as dogs to daycare. Providing them comforts from home can help them with the stresses of a new environment. For a complete list of the things that are needed and can be brought for a stay, contact the cat daycare.

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