Nema Stepper Motors Are Precise and Accurate

When you implement Nema stepper motors into your manufacturing process, you are ensuring that you get accuracy and the best result possible. They are well suited for the types of applications where control signals are digital rather than analog voltages.

Types of Stepper Motors

Essentially there are three types of step motors in use today with the industrial automation field. They are:

  • Active rotor (PM)

  • Reactive rotor (VR)

  • A Combination of PM and VR or Hybrid motor (HY)

Tips for Utilizing a Step Motor

  • Parallel connect the wires for the best torque over the widest range of speed

  • Keep the motor case temperature below 100 degrees

  • Give it sufficient time to accelerate loads

  • If you want the smoothest motor performance use microstepping

  • Do not disassemble motors

  • Do not disconnect motor from drive while the power is on

These are just a few tips and tricks for optimizing your use of stepper motors but of course these will vary from project to project.

Unmatched Accuracy

When it comes to precision manufacturing like in the fields of CNC machining and hard drive manufacturing it is important to have pin point detail in the production process. Even the tiniest of deviation can cause the machine to be thrown into chaos, or worse yet end in a product that doesn’t function as it was intended. By utilizing microstepping in your manufacturing process you can ensure the most accurate creation for the product you’re providing.

If you would like more information on the various types of motors on the market to assist you with your project, please visit the experienced professionals at and see the options that are available to you. Your process can be streamlined and made better just by something as small as a step motor.

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