New Trends In Interior Shutters

If you are like many homeowners the plantation or California style of interior shutters are a very appealing option for the home. They are classic in their look and provide the choice of complete privacy or a beautiful, open look to the window.

Without the need for blinds, shades or curtains, they are also a simple and elegant way to dress up a window or to make it look more casual. Different styles of these window treatments can provide more or less light and ventilation while also decreasing your cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Colors and Louver Size

Many of the traditional types of interior shutter designs feature the very traditional choice of natural wood. This can be stained to match the interior of the home with lighter or darker colors.

In the 1950’s and with the movement towards larger windows in homes from the smaller, multiple pane windows used in earlier home designs, the move to interior shutters with larger louvers came into vogue. These were usually stained or they were painted white.

Today, it is possible to have different sizes of louvers from the small inch and a quarter sizes to the much larger louvers, perfect for increased light and visibility. They also come in a range of colors that can match your interior décor and design.

Shutter Operating Systems

Interior shutters are not always stationary in the window. They can be designed with hinged panels to fold in and out, or they can even have a bi-fold track design. A very popular option is the bypass track that allows the shutter to slide past, working similar to a traditional type of patio or sliding door.

There are other options in operating systems to consider as well. Each offers its own benefits and provides the perfect functionality for this versatile option in window treatment.

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