Options For EMI Suppression

Options For EMI Suppression

In almost all electronic devices, or even between electronic devices, EMI or electromagnetic interference can be a very big problem. Using the right type of EMI suppression in the design of any electronic device will be important, but there are some other options to consider as well.

Design Issues

One of the first and most important factors in effective EMI suppression is to consider carefully the design to create the lowest risk of EMI becoming an issue. The presence of disturbances of external or internal sources of radio frequency can actually lead to problems in transmitting and receiving data, so planning the design to eliminate these sources is always an important consideration.

If you are creating a new product or replacing old components, always take the time to consider the effectiveness of any parts you are considering, and if they may create a potential risk of EMI. By eliminating poorly designed or shielded components, you may not need to worry about specific EMI suppression within the system itself.

Always make sure to use the correct wiring and wiring harnesses within the system. Often EMI suppression can be completed with the use of the right cables that are carefully routed to the exterior of any components. Keep all cables distant from any switching power supplies or any high-frequency parts or components.

Using EMI Chokes

Another very important consideration is the use of EMI suppression chokes, or EMI chokes, within the system. These chokes are simple in design and include a coil of wire around a core cylinder.

When the electricity is passed through the coil around the magnetic core, the AC or alternating current is blocked, and the direct current or DC is allowed to pass through with little decrease or power loss. The result is that the high-frequency AC is choked at the place of the inducer in the system.

For EMI suppression, RFC or radio frequency chokes are typically used. They may have a range of different types of winding, not just the traditional wire coils, and they may also include small beads of ferrite material rather than the larger cylinders used in other types of applications.

There is also the possibility to use low to high power common mode line filters as well as common mode chokes for RFI and EMI suppression. Choosing the specific option will be dependent on the application and the configuration of the system.

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