Orijen Wins Among Top Dog Food Brands in 2017

There are thousands of dog foods on the market today. Wet foods, dry foods, raw, organic – the list can seem endless and overwhelming. Comparing these brands is the job of reviewers, who found that three of the top brands can actually be found in most specialty pet food retailers in the United States.

The Best of the Best
The three highest-quality, best-rated dog foods among reviewers in 2017 were ranked as follows by Reviews.com:

  • Orijen Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  • ACANA Wild Prairie Regional Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
  • Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural Grain-Free Natural Dry Dog Food

Considering these three formulas beat out over two-thousand others to win their top spots, it’s no wonder pet owners are proud to give their pets these all-natural, well-balanced and veterinarian recommended foods. Orijen dog foods, in particular, snag their top rating by featuring single-sourced protein, grain-free formulations and guaranteed nutrition for dogs in every stage of life.

How to Find the Winners
When comparing dog food brands, reviewers typically consider different factors for either wet or dry food, as well as different varieties of fresh or raw options. Every type of pet food as its advantages and drawbacks, but overall the best available pet diets are those based on whole, fresh ingredients and scientifically geared toward optimum health rather than just taste. While this can affect price, it’s important to remember that a pet’s food can mean the difference in proper nutrition and overall health or costly vet bills and vitamins to supplement nutrients not found in lesser foods. For many pet owners, that choice is a clear one; better food means happier, healthier pets.

Pet owners near Jacksonville, FL can find Orijen dog food and many other natural pet food brands at local retailers Earth Pets Natural Pet Market. Offering the best choices in natural, organic and holistic foods and supplies for furry friends, Earth Pets, and other specialty retailers are the best choice for those who prioritize their pet’s diet. Whether you’re shopping for the healthiest dog food or tasty treats for your pup, stop into your local natural pet food retailer today and ask for recommendations on which of these top-selling brands best suits your favorite fuzzy family member!

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