Protect Your Sprinkler System: Winterization Services in Wichita, KS

Sprinkler systems are wonderful for conserving water use, preventing over or under watering of lawns and for keeping landscapes lush even when the homeowner is away for a length of time. But these systems have to be maintained properly for them to work as needed and one of the most important tasks people should remember to do every year is to winterize them properly.

Winterizing may seem like a simple task but it is not. Because it has to be done correctly or the entire system could be ruined, many experts suggest that people call for assistance rather than attempt to do this on their own. Local residents should always consider taking advantage of commercial Winterization Services in Wichita KS.

The process can be expensive if it is done incorrectly, but it can also be dangerous as well. There are multiple ways this procedure can be done including through a blow-out method, automatic or manual drain process. The blow-out method offers the most opportunity for risk since air compressors are used to blow through the pipes to remove all water.

Above-ground valves need to be removed and stored away safely. Some people choose not to do this and use specially designed cables to heat the pipes instead. This may or may not be a good solution and there are certainly safety concerns, especially in yards with children or pets. It can also be less than perfectly reliable in instances where the power goes out or if a line goes bad. The pipes will almost certainly freeze in these instances if the problem is not quickly repaired.

If you have had your sprinkler system installed for you by a company like Rain Link Inc., they probably offer a maintenance service that includes all winterization as well. Before you go through the work and worry to attempt this type of procedure on your own, contact the company to see if they offer Winterization Services in Wichita KS. These types of services can often be scheduled to be completed annually with a return visit in the spring to get them ready again for warmer weather.

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