Provide Opportunities for Fun with Water Float Rentals

Provide Opportunities for Fun with Water Float Rentals

Do you run a waterfront business and want ideas on ways to expand offerings for your customers? One way you can increase profits while giving your customers something to remember is to offer seasonal water float rentals. Many people who vacation at waterfront destinations aren’t able to bring all of the fun water toys and things that they’d like, so by offering it for rent, you provide the fun your customers want while increasing your bottom line. Water towable tubes and toys are the perfect accessory for hot summer days. Here are some ideas to help you start offering your customers an extra bit of fun.

Resort Towable Tubes

One way to offer fun is to offer water towable tubes that you tow behind a boat. You provide the rides and set a time limit and cost. This is a good way to offer towable rides because you use your resort staff to drive the boat, ensuring that proper speeds are used and all guests have a fun but safe experience. There are towable tubes that can sit from eight to twelve riders, meaning that you can accommodate numerous guests at one time. So even if you only invest in one large tube, you can still offer a large number of your guests a fun experience.

Inline Floats and Water Toys

Other options include offering inline floats that are much like kayaks that your guests can take out on their own. These are perfect for small rivers and lakes, and you can rent them out for the day or just a few hours. Large, circular rafts will be popular rentals because they seat a lot of people and make for a fun day. They aren’t like the water towable tubes, but the bright colors and lots of space make them perfect for families with children and people who just want to float leisurely.

Water treadmills are fun and many people like to rent these for the physical activity and because it’s something different. You can even invest in two water treadmills and arrange races for your guests. With so many different water tubes and floats, it’s easy to provide the perfect day of entertainment on the water for your customers.

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