Reasons You Should Purchase the Latest Skin Care Equipment

When you see or hear about up-to-date skin care equipment you want to naturally find out more about them. One way to find out is by visiting a website for a leading distributor of skin care equipment.

Because you have clientele that want their skin to look rejuvenated and young again, you need to have some of the best skin care apparatus in your facility. The reason many businesses want this particular skin care machine is because their clientele prefer a non-surgical procedure performed and pain free.

Perhaps you want new skin care machinery such as NewApeel®. You can offer your clients microdermabrasion services when you purchase brand new equipment such as NewApeel® from a Los Angeles distributor.

Skin Care Distributors Have a List of Several Machines and Tools for Your Business

When you look at a skin care distributors website you will see a couple of different versions of the NewApeel® microdermabrasion systems.  This type of skin care machinery will exfoliate the epidermis by using the patented DiamondTome™ wands while it vacuums up all the dead skin cells in a control and consistent mannerism.

There are two versions you can choose from one is the NewApeel® and the other is NewApeel® Petite. The NewApeel® Aesthetic Exfoliation System now comes in four colors, classic pink, zen stone, nautical breeze and majestic bamboo. The NewApeel® Petite Exfoliation System is more budget friendly skin care system for an aesthetician that may be just starting out, but still works with all the DiamondTome™ wands and the Hydro Wands®.
One advantage of purchasing this type of skin care equipment is it has the original, crystal-free treatment that provides a more youthful and smoother appearance to the skin.

Having the Proper Skin Care Equipment in Your Practice, Salon, Wellness or Med Spa

Once you purchase the NewApeel® system, the skin care distributor will visit your office to properly install it. They will also ask make sure that you and your employees have the proper training to ensure they system is used in the best possible way.

You can explain to your clients that the NewApeel® treatment is pain-free, non-invasive and has no down time. Your clientele will experience no particle contamination, no irritation and no redness to their skin. To obtain the maximum results to their skin, it is recommended that your clientele have at least 6 to 8 treatments. They will be thrilled at the end result when they see how young and rejuvenated their skin feels and looks.

DermaSpa Distributors offers NewApeel® Petite and NewApeel® in Los Angeles. Contact them today through their website or call them at 805-479-4380 for more information on any of their skin care equipment.

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