Safety Tips for Distilling Your Favorite Flavored Moonshine Recipe

When considering moonshining, one must think of art. To make your favorite flavored moonshine recipe, there is no one way to correctly do it. It can be done in a variety of ways and still come out ready to test your taste buds. However, this art can be a potential danger. You must have careful planning and care when moonshining. Possible risks are involved with the science of distilling. Therefore, proper precautions must be taken to prevent accidents.

Below are some essential tips moonshiners should follow when creating their favorite flavored moonshine recipe:

Process Must Never Be Rushed
The art of moonshining must not be rushed. You must be sure there is an appropriate area for work that is clean, ventilated properly, and well lit. One of the best ways to keep the still in great condition is before each distilling, complete a cleaning distillation. Check to make sure you still have no obstructions in any pipes which would allow for excess pressure build up.

Supervise Distiller at All Times
Never become too confident with your distiller skills over time, this can lead to carelessness. While it may seem okay to leave your distiller unsupervised for only a minute or so during mash running, take note that during these unsupervised times is when accidents typically occur. Always keep a watchful eye and be vigilant over the process of everything you do to avoid accidents.

Pay Attention to Temperature
Always keep an eye on the temperature and never allow still contents continuously boil. Although, near max temperature, if fine to begin with when coming close to boiling, the temperature must be reduced.

Abstain from Drinking & Smoking
This tip cannot be stressed enough, absolutely no drinking or smoking while distilling or handling flammable liquids. Keep a fire extinguisher ready nearby.

Perform Math Carefully
Although math for distillation is quite simple, when you don’t double check, messes with distillation may occur.

Use Labels
All ingredient containers should be properly labeled and stored safely. This can help ensure ingredients of your flavored moonshine recipe don’t get mixed up.

Of course, this is just some of tips to help keep moonshining safe. By following these tips, risks are minimized.

While creating flavored moonshine, proper precautions should always be taken. For more information, contact Mile Hi Distilling, or call 303-987-3955.

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