Septic Tank Pumping In Memphis Is Less Expensive Than Replacing the System

Septic systems are relatively easy to maintain providing you have Septic tank Pumping Memphis performed on a regular basis. A clogged or filled septic tank can result in unpleasant odors in your home as well as slow-flowing wastewater from your sinks, toilets and drains in your home. When your septic system becomes clogged in the drain field or comes back into your home, it creates a health and environmental issue.

The waste from your home enters the septic tank and separate into liquid, scum, and sludge. The bacterium which is naturally occurring in this process assists in breaking down the scum and sludge. Any of the solids that are not broken down during this process settle to the bottom of your septic tank, and the water flows from your tank into a leach bed or drain field. The solids that remain continue to increase, and Septic Tank Pumping Memphis is necessary to remove these solids.

The good bacterium in the soil treats the water that flows out to the leach field and filters out the harmful substances. If you do not have Septic Tank Pumping Memphis, the solids will continue to fill up and your tank and clog the pipes that the water is to exit the tank. When the pipes become clogged, correcting the issue can become very expensive, and your yard will have to be excavated in order to correct the problem. It is important to have you tank inspected and have it pumped ever three to four years. If you have several people living in the home, the tank may need to be pumped more often. To know more click here.

The size of your tank and the amount of solids that enter your tank will also play an important role in how often your tank should be pumped. If you’re purchasing a home, you should have the tank pumped, and the system checked. Improperly working septic systems should be left for a professional to investigate. It is important that your septic system does not poison your water supply or the neighbor’s water supply. For more information on your septic system, maintenance and pumping, contact Drain Go Plumbing Memphis.

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