Smoke Out Your Favorite Recreational Vehicles

Smoke Out Your Favorite Recreational Vehicles

When it comes to personalizing your recreational vehicles, do it the affordable way with Plasti Dip. Perhaps you already like the paint job on your Ski Doo, but you think it could be kicked up a notch. Then Plastidip Smoke is perfect for you. This specially formulated dip has a translucent color that goes from clear to black. Depending on how many coats you apply, the smoke is either lighter or darker. Regardless, you will smoke out the others with your newly smoke dipped ski doos.

Protect Yourself and Your Recreational Vehicles While Making Them Look Fabulous

The beauty of Plasti Dip is that it has form and function. Sure it is attractive and can make a vehicle go from drab to extraordinary. However, it also protects a paint job from acids, corrosion and moisture. The rubberized solution is great for coating all types of cars and recreational vehicles during the winter and summer months. You can even coat parts of recreational vehicles that tend to get slippery and cause accidents. Plasti Dip provides a non-slip element that is comfortable and grips to the surface in which it is applied. Since it remains stretchy and flexible, it will not peel, become brittle or crack during extreme weather. Plasti Dip also protects against heavy vibration, heat electrical shock, and deadens sounds.

Plasti Dip Smoke Spraying Tips

Depending on how much of a smoke effect you want, spraying a small amount of this product tends to work better than applying thick coats that are normally associated with applying regular Plasti Dip colors. Since it is translucent, a thick coat tends to trap air bubbles that are tiny and make an otherwise beautifully clear tint job look cloudy. Any time you spray Plasti Dip, it is wise to wipe the nozzle between sprays so it does not come out in spurts that surprise you and possibly compromise your hard work.

Smoke Effects on Head Lights and Tail Lights

Plasti Dip Smoke is quite popular for use on tail lights and head lights. A normal set of tail lights can take up to four or five coats and still remain light enough to see effectively. You can always make them darker if you like by adding additional coats. It is estimated that a single can of Plasti Dip Smoke is capable of providing up to seventeen coats. This equates to eight coats per tail lights of medium size.

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