Snake Control in Plano, TX: What You Need To Know

Snake Control in Plano, TX: What You Need To Know

Finding a snake in your home can be one of the most frightening experiences a homeowner ever faces. Though only 375 of the 2,900 different species of snake in the world are venomous, coming face to face with an uninvited, slithering guest is enough to startle any homeowner in Plano, TX. Snake control is a job you shouldn’t attempt without professional help, but it’s important to know about the creatures invading your house. Here’s a quick summary of how to handle this disaster:

How And Why Is This Snake In My House?

Snakes are incredibly agile and thin, able to climb almost any surface. This gives them access to virtually every point of access your home may offer, making it difficult to pinpoint any entry point. Though the snake’s nature will make it seek the outdoors again, snakes occasionally seek shelter from predators, protection from the elements, and warmth. If you’ve previously had an infestation of insects or rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels, your house could be a prime hunting grounds for snakes. Keep in mind that some snakes do not need to eat daily and can go on for months to years without food, so removing food sources alone will not solve the issue.

How Do I Know If A Snake Is In My House?

Snakes move in several ways, but the most common method is a sliding, serpentine motion performed by contraction of muscles. Unfortunately, this motion is largely silent and nearly impossible to detect. This means you’ll have to rely on visual clues to find your intruder. Keep an eye out for any shed skins the snake may drop every 3 to 8 weeks, and look for paths in dust the snake may have used. You can also check tight, dark crevices, which are prime hiding places for snakes. You may also keep an eye out for the snake’s droppings, but these are difficult to find and easy to overlook.

What If I Don’t Remove The Snake?

When there’s no reason left to stay, there’s a chance the snake may simply leave your house for more fruitful hunting grounds. If it stays, however, there’s a chance it may lay eggs in your home. Around 70% of snakes lay eggs, and depending on the breed they could lay anywhere from six eggs to one hundred!

You’ll want to have any intruding snake safely removed as quickly as possible, and Wildlife X Team can help. Wildlife X Team is a leading name for snake control services in Plano, TX. They will capture and relocate your unwanted guest, restoring peace of mind in your home once again.

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