Solving Boat Storage Problems

Poor maintenance might be the reason your boat isn’t riding those waves as well as it should, says Boating. When you aren’t riding the waves, you need to make sure your boat stays in tip-top shape. Your storage is a factor. If you aren’t storing your boat right, you could run into problems even before you hit the water. Here are some fixes for common storage issues:

Waiting until the 11th hour

If you need to put your boat into storage before the winter season, be sure to shop around for boat storage options in Cleveland Ohio well in advance. You wouldn’t want to wait until the very last minute. Otherwise, all the best deals and options would usually be gone by then.

Prepare the engine

Don’t forget to change the oil before you put your boat in storage. Be sure to replace the filters as well. That way, you won’t have to shell out money for engine repairs as soon as you haul your boat out of storage.

Clean the boat

It pays to thoroughly clean your boat before storage. Use fresh water to eliminate the buildup of salt on your boat’s exterior since this could easily corrode your gelcoat along with your fasteners and hardware. Don’t put it into your storage wet. Wait until it dries completely. Don’t forget to get the bilge drain plug out. Give the decks and hull a good, thorough scrub too before putting it into the unit.

Check your unit one last time

Check to make sure you’ve removed the drive belts since these can crack in storage. Disconnect the battery as well, seal all exhaust ports out to keep pests from coming in and making themselves at home in your RV. If you can, get any fabrics and leather out since these could lead to mildew growth.

Once you find a good boat storage in Cleveland Ohio, these pointers should make it easy for you to solve a couple of common storage problems.

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