Taking Your Kid to the Eye Doctor: How to Prepare

If you’re like most parents, then you’re likely right on track when it comes to taking your child to their pediatrician and dentist. What you may be overlooking though is your child’s eye health. These days, vision problems are prevalent among preschool aged children. Current statistics indicate that one in twenty preschoolers have some sort of vision problem that can develop into a permanent loss of vision if not taken care of.

Visiting the eye doctor can be a challenging experience for your child. Fortunately, there are ways you can ensure that the entire process goes smoothly when you take your child for pediatric eye care in Grand Rapids.

Vision History

During your first appointment, the eye doctor will review with you any vision conditions that run in your family. By providing the doctor with the necessary information and an accurate account of any visual problems, the doctor will be able to look out for those conditions when examining your child.

The Examination

Before visiting the office, it can be useful to explain to your child the process of an eye exam. It is better to be upfront with your child and to notify them that they’re visiting the eye doctor instead of waiting until they are surprised and confused. During the eye exam, the eye doctor will use a penlight to examine your child’s eyes.

When examining, the doctor will look for any infections, warning signs, and allergies. In addition, the doctor will also review the position of the lids and lashes and the movement of the eye.

The Eye Chart

After the eye exam using a pen light, the eye doctor will also utilize a Snellen eye chart. The eye chart is used when the child is school-aged. When using the chart, the doctor will ask your child to review your child’s ability to read from a distance and up close.

Reference to a Professional

If your child does have any vision issues or if the doctor believes that there is a developing problem, they may refer you to a specialist in specific pediatric eye care in Grand Rapids if it isn’t an area that they work in. By addressing your child’s eye health early on, you’ll be able to ensure that their eyes develop in a healthy manner and that they aren’t suffering from any vision problems.

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