The Beauty of Custom Screen Printed Transfers

If you run a custom printing business, you could face a lot of competition. In this industry, the company that offers quality service and gives their customers what they need at affordable prices has the best chances to succeed. Thanks to important materials like custom screen printed transfers, your business can become more efficient and competitive. Here are some of the many benefits they have to offer.

How Custom Screen Printed Transfers Work

You need heat press equipment to apply the transfers. A press is not an “iron-on” system that you can use at home. It is a professional machine for creating custom printed clothing and other items quickly and easily. First, contact a company specializing in plastisol transfers. They will take your designs and print each design on pieces of plastisol paper using special screen printing methods. You can order as many as you want and each paper will have your customer’s logo or design embedded into it.

To apply a plastisol transfer, place your garment on the machine platform. It is best to preheat the garment first to get rid of residual moisture that can effect the print. Then, place your plastisol transfer on top of the garment and make sure it is located exactly where you want the print. Flip the switch or move the lever to lower the unit onto the paper and garment. Remove the press and gently rub the paper to make sure the image transfer is complete. You will have a beautifully printed garment!


When you use custom screen printed transfers, you do not have to pre-print your orders. They are perfect for special events because you can print strictly the items you need and eliminate the burden of a bunch of unwanted items leftover. You do not have to invest in inks, dyes, or special solvents. All the hard work is already done, and you reap the benefits. There is no special training needed either.

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