The Evolis Card Printer is Globally Recognized

The Evolis Card Printer is Globally Recognized

For identification card systems, Evolis is ranked the #1 market leader in Europe and #2 globally, serving businesses throughout the U.S. and numerous other countries. As with Zebra, Evolis has capitalized on technological advancements over the last few decades – magnetic stripe, smart cards, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) — to produce ID cards that feature cutting-edge quality and real time data access.

Evolis’ Goals

In addition to a strong aim for eco-responsibility, Evolis’ corporate goal is to make plastic card printing broadly accessible, creating cost-effective options for printing high-quality cards, immediately and fast. Evolis designs, manufactures and distributes an expansive array of printing systems and ID card solutions. An Evolis Card Printer carries a strong signature brand name.

Evolis Printers

Evolis printers generate personalized ID cards for a broad spectrum of applications including employee, patient and student IDs, retail loyalty cards and price tags, transit passes, banking and payment cards, membership and gift cards, and official government document deliveries. Evolis printers are currently used in government, finance, retail, education, transportation, corporate, leisure, and health, to name a few. As required, encoding of data is imbedded in the cards before printing for security, verification, validation, tracking, etc. The high-quality cards are printed in 4-color and protected by a layer of varnish. Card may be printed on both sides, they may be printed singly on-demand or in batches from a database, and they may carry different levels of security.

Evolis: A Case Study

Millions of passengers enjoy a cruise annually on the Italian cruise line, Costa Cruises. To optimize the cruise experience, Costa Cruises relies on a multi-purpose card called the “Costa Card” which is generated by an Evolis Card Printer. The “Costa Card” is an ID card encoded with all the passenger’s details: name, photo, access rights, and bank details. The “Costa Card” visually identifies a passenger at any time, controls the passenger’s access to cabins and embarkations during the cruise, and pays for services throughout the cruise. 3.5 million Costa Cards are issued each year. Imagine the business challenge. According to Franco Caraffi, Director of Reservation Services at Costa Cruises: “We have been extremely pleased to note a very low rate of failure with Evolis printers. This makes us feel more secure on our travels!”

Evolis card printers are known for making less than 500 cards or up to 30,000 per year. If you have a need in your business or organization for printing ID cards, you should consider an Evolis printer. There is an Evolis printer to meet every ID card need.

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