The Importance of Changing Refrigerator Water Filters

Today’s refrigerators are as durable as they are beautiful. Most can give you all the ice you need and fresh, cold, drinking water. However, this water needs filtering to make sure it is pure and good for your family. Nothing lasts forever, and you should consider changing refrigerator water filters every so often. Here are some good reasons why.


When you place a glass or bottle underneath the fridge water dispenser, you expect cold, clean water to come out. However, many homes today have very hard water and the mineral deposits get trapped in refrigerator water filters. If you do not change them often enough, your system could get completely clogged and stop working.

Water Taste

Once a filter gets filled with debris, it can affect the taste of your water. In fact, if you notice a change in taste, it usually means the filter needs changing. This fixes the taste problem in most cases.

Ice Problems

Before water enters your ice maker, it passes through the filtration system. A dirty filter can give you funny tasting or cloudy looking ice. Nothing ruins a great glass of iced tea or soda like strange tasting ice, but a new filter usually corrects this problem.

Maintenance Costs

When refrigerator water filters get full of debris, mineral deposits may get through to your appliance. This can create problems with water valves and could cause your ice maker to break down. If you keep the water system clean by changing the filter about twice a year, you can limit downtime issues and expensive repairs.

The cost of a new filter is minimal when you figure all the benefits it has to offer.  Most filters are simple to change and are easily accessed from the front grille of your fridge. When shopping for filters, consider a trusted online source for the highest quality and best prices.

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