The Ins, Outs and Through-the-Walls of Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

Water filtration is popular and recommended by many physicians, healthcare and wellness professionals the world over. However, many people aren’t comfortable with the process of water filtration relying on traditional, coal-sourced carbon to clean their water. Many of these consumers choose newer technology for the water filtration in their homes and properties, such as popular reverse osmosis systems.

How is Reverse Osmosis Different?

In a reverse osmosis pure water system, the entire technique and approach toward cleaning your water is different. Where carbon filtration and other, older forms of filtering water are passive in nature – allowing water to pass through as it moves naturally or using only gravity as an aid – reverse osmosis is a process of actively pushing water through the system to create filtration. Exactly what is the water being pushed through that causes that filtration to happen? That is where things get interesting.

The Invisible Wall

Reverse osmosis relies on a semi-permeable membrane – taught in some schools and training centers as being like an “invisible wall” – in the system that water is pushed through with force. This membrane works on a microscopic level and only allows the water particles to pass through, not the dissolved salts and other undesirable solids that end up in the reject stream. In this way, it’s actually more of an invisible net than a wall – unless you’re a water contaminant, that is!

The Importance of a Good Booster Pump

To move all that water through your reverse osmosis pure water system, you need something to do the moving. That’s where the booster pump comes in. As any retailer of water filters and parts can tell you, a reverse osmosis filtration system would be nothing without this key component. Acting as the backbone and muscle of the entire system, a good booster pump is key to clean water. Insist on a model that uses a powerful pump, and you’ll be insisting on the cleanest, clearest water you and your loved ones have ever tasted!

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