The Real Deal Behind Real Gold Chains: Three Awesome Uses

The Real Deal Behind Real Gold Chains: Three Awesome Uses

All that glitters, they say, is not gold. But when it is, there isn’t really anyone who’d turn it down. Since the dawn of history, gold has always been identified as something of great inherent value. Wars have been fought over it, people toiled (and, in a sense, still toil) to attain it, but it behooves people to utilize it in a way that might at least seem remotely fashionable.

Admit it, the very first image on your mind when real gold chains are mentioned are those on poorly dressed folks who pile as many of them around their necks as they possibly can—looking like walking display cases for all manner of chains. Now, granted, gold chains can be worn as necklaces and bracelets, but a single one is enough to make a statement without coming off as gaudy.

Bracelets. Another sublime and subtle use for real gold chains is as bracelets. These are quieter fashion statements because they are wrapped modestly around your wrist. You could go for a singly-looped chain that make for a simple bracelet. If you do happen to be the type who likes their gold chains in long, multiple loops, you can create a rather classy and elegant bangle around your wrist by looping these chains several times over. The only downside of this is that the chains have to be more or less carefully measured so the loops terminate in a tight yet comfortable fit around your wrist.

Belts. This idea is for those who are more fashionably bold as it will take a lot of confidence to pull off without looking absurd. Opposite of the idea for bracelets, you’d need a real gold chain that is much, much longer to create multiple loops around your waist so it’s visible to those around you. The beauty of this concept is that it works equally well whether you use thin gold slivers or slightly thicker gauge chains. Again, though, this is a bold statement that not many people can pull off in a beautiful and fashionable way.

Bag Straps. Unlike the preceding two ideas, this one is more for the ladies—guys, don’t even try—and it is an elegant idea to use particularly on a classy night out. If you have a shoulder bag with clip-on leather straps, simply take these out and start looping those real gold chains around them. You’ll need a clip, preferably gold-colored, to aggregate the chains at the point where they would rest on your shoulders. It’s a quick and easy job that will add a touch of class and elegance to almost any get-up you can imagine.

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