The Science of Field Erected Tanks

The Science of Field Erected Tanks

If an industry presents certain challenges, spatial or otherwise, which do not allow the installation of a pre-fabricated tank onsite, then the only solution to this problem is erecting a tank right on the field. Field erected tanks take years of expertise and technical supremacy to design, build and configure. They also come in various customizable shapes and sizes, which bestows upon them great flexibility. These tanks are capable of storing massive volumes of water, running into millions of gallons. However, smaller efficient tanks may also be designed if the industry requires it.

Versatile Tank Erections

Modern day field erected tanks also offer the comfort of customization. This addresses several issues that an industry might face while planning a tank storage system, including those related to constricted space. Engineers work around these issues by designing innovative and industry-centric solutions. A few examples that throw light on the versatility of these tanks, based on industry needs are:

  • Modular tanks: The overall design of this tank consists of smaller modules that are individually designed. These parts are then fit together to complete the design. The advantages of this system include lower maintenance and easy reconfiguration.

  • Short-term storages: It is also possible to build tanks for short-term or emergency use. They can be erected and configured quickly onsite, so that the work of the industry is not affected. Their storage capacities are usually lower than tanks designed for long-term usage.

  • Secondary containments: If an industry already has a tank erected, low cost secondary storage units can be erected around it as per industry needs. This saves a lot of time because the old tank does not need to be taken down to increase net storage capacity.

  • Slurry storage: Special field erected tanks aimed at storage and treatment of slurry and earthen materials such as clay or sand can be quickly erected onsite. These are cheaper alternatives to other retaining technologies and berms in areas where it proves too expensive to execute such solutions.

Quality Assurance is a Must

Expert manufacturers of field erected storage tanks subject their products to intense quality assurance standards. These tests ensure that the industry receiving the storage tank is investing in a solution that is efficient and safe for all workers involved. Some of the tests that are carried out include radiography, pressure tests, leakage tests under various conditions and welding and coating inspections, among many others.

Rest assured that ModuTank, an experienced industrial tank solution provider, makes sure that all their products meet the prescribed standards. Their expertise spreads across a plethora of tank types and customizable options. Remember to draft your technical and functional requirements accurately to procure the perfect field-erected tanks solution.

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