Tips For Choosing A Business Board Game

Tips For Choosing A Business Board Game

Once your company has made the decision to use a business board game in their next training, workshop or professional development day your next step is to find a game that is suitable for your needs.

Finding a business board game is not going to be difficult and there are hundreds of options to choose from. However, finding a game that is applicable to your business, that has clearly defined learning outcomes, and that is designed with both adult learning and business in mind is often much more challenging.

Game Development and Expertise

The problem is that many business board game developers are not truly educational experts and are not business managers or leaders. On the other hand, there are top companies out there that include professionals with extensive human resource experience, business experience as senior level managers of national and multinational firms, consultants as well as sales and finance professionals.

The more expertise in the business world, as well as an educational development and training that the company has the more effective any business board game that they develop will be.

Business Board Game Options

There are a few companies out there that market more than one business board game. This is a great option that allows you to choose the specific skills or components for your training that match your operational needs. Look for companies that have games that focus on specific business skills and knowledge such as problem solving, decision making, financial management, organizational performance or even change within an organization.

Some companies only have business board game designs for a specific industry while others offer more general programs that are applicable across a wide range of businesses. Many of these companies are able to work with you to create a specialized game that is based on your business, industry and your desired outcomes. This is a great option for any business as the customization of the game is highly applicable to what your employees will be facing on the job.

In addition, look for a company offering a range of business board game options that also has the ability to provide trainings for your staff. These trainings can use the game as a springboard to skill development in a very natural, inclusive and highly interactive way.

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