Tool Holders: What Are the Best Qualities to Look For?

It’s often easy to overlook a tool holder. With so much attention paid to tools, most people believe that’s where everything that matters ends and begins. However, if you don’t have quality holders to match your precision tools, says Hemly Tool, you could end up botching up that job.

Ease and Efficiency

A tool holder or container offers you the kind of support you need to manage the job with greater efficiency. It’s a connection between the spindle of your machine and your tool, which allows you to complete the machining process with ease. Eliminating downtime also helps you meet and beat your production deadlines so you won’t have to lose sleep over costly delays or being off-track from your production schedule.


The best HPI tool holders demonstrate exceptional balancing quality along with the ability to withstand the application of force at high speeds. You won’t be able to produce superior results from your cutting applications if your holders aren’t up to the task.


There are a lot of options you can choose from. With so many popular brands around, lack of choice certainly isn’t going to be a problem. You can also go for a variety of accessories, depending on what you or the project needs in order to improve precision performance.


Depending on the projects or applications you have in mind, it might be prudent to seek out holders able to keep multiple shank sizes in place. This way, you can look forward to using a lot of your tools that much faster and better.

Ease of Use

This is another quality to consider. Your comfort level with the holder matters. If it’s too inconvenient for you, ditch it for something that puts a premium on user experience, with designs that make it easy for you to use.

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