Try Smoking Tobacco in a Pipe for a Different and Rewarding Experience

Try Smoking Tobacco in a Pipe for a Different and Rewarding Experience

A device that has been manufactured to smoke tobacco is called a smoking pipe. This is comprised of a bowl for tobacco that has a shank connected to it in the form of a thin stem that is hollow, and ends with a mouthpiece known as a bit. Pipes come in simple and complex designs and are made from many different natural materials. Many pipes have been created by renowned pipe makers, some of those releases are limited and expensive, creating a collector’s item that pipe enthusiasts want to add to their collection. Tobacco pipes were around well before cigarettes were ever rolled, and are the oldest form of smoking.

Bowls Can Be Made of Many Different Materials

There are many ways to construct a pipe and some even have two different types of material for one pipe. This normally means the bowl is created with a different material than the shank. Common materials used for bowls includes, clay, wood, or corncob. Corncob pipes are an older type of pipe, and the more common types are made of clay, wood and sometimes metal. Some pipe bowls are even carved to provide a decorative bowl that intrigues many pipe collectors.

The Stem of a Tobacco Pipe

The long channel that runs the diameter from a pipe smoker’s mouth to the bowl is called the shank. The channel needs to be long enough to provide the proper length for a good draw. Shorter pipes can still be used and have a decent draw, however. The shank is molded instead of being carved so it can easily be detached from the bowl. The stems and bits of pipes are typically made from materials that are moldable. This includes a soft plastic called bakelite, lucite, and even vulcanite. Stems that are not commonly used but have been used to create pipes include bamboo, reeds and other hollowed wooden pieces. Pipes that were truly unique, and expensive, had stems that were constructed of amber.

Smoking a Pipe Requires Many Accessories

When you choose to smoke a pipe, you need to understand that there are many accessories that will be require so you can clean your pipe and smoke it without causing yourself any harm. You will need a lighter or matches, a packing tool for your tobacco, pipe cleaners and of course flavored tobacco. It is always advisable to find a tobacco distributor that has all of these items in one place. You can easily shop for all of these items online and receive them through the mail in discreet packaging.


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